www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.netI absolutely love my Jamberry Nail Valentine’s Wraps!  They are adorbs!!  I can’t
decide which ones I like better.  What do you think?



AND seriously – how cute are these Valentine’s Jamberry Juniors?!!


Jamberry Nails make a wonderful Valentine’s Gift for your sweetheart!  AND they will LOVE you for it!

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ImageWe have Valentine’s Jamberry Nails and you can order them now!  How fun to doll up your nails for Valentine’s Day.  We also have Jamberry Juniors and a limited edition of our lacquer set called Lovestruck.  Your new love can be your nails this year!

jamberry nails, nail art,

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Remember 1 sheet is enough for at least 3-4 applications and they do not dry out once you open the package like other brands.  And to all you guys out there – Perfect present for your honey!


I love this picture because seriously – she only used 2 nails to do her toes!  How many applications can she get from those 2 sheets?  AND they do not dry out AND are non toxic.

Order your Valentine’s Day nails today at www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net

Remember Buy 3 Get 1 FREE 

Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day is so much fun when you have younger kids. Here are a couple of fun ones:

Healthy Valentine!
Healthy Valentine!
Who doesn''t like Pop Rocks?!
Who doesn’t like Pop Rocks?!
GREAT boxes to store your valentines.
GREAT boxes to store your valentines.

valentines findmebook 3On the bottom the card it says – Happy Valentine’s Day for “crayon” out loud!


And of course – make a special personalized Find Me Book for your valentine!!!  All ages LOVE this book!


A 4-year-old girl's favorite things!

Just made a book for my neighbor girl.  She is 4 and knows EXACTLY what she wants!  I asked her what faces she would like included in her book (you get 6 faces).  She wanted Justin Bieber, my daughter’s guinea pig, Heat Miser, herself, Mickey and Minnie, and then a unicorn –  rainbow included.  PHEW… and we found all those pictures. My absolute favorite of hers is the Heat Miser!

This was the first book that I have made where I did not just use faces.  She wanted the entire picture of Mickey and Minnie and the whole picture with the unicorn because it had that beautiful rainbow.  It still worked great!!!

Order a findmebook by January 28th to give to your sweet Valentine on February 14th!

Just click this link to get started.  http://findmebook.com/

Valentine’s Day Kid Activities

Here are some fun and cheap/free activities to do with your kids for Valentines Day

 Cut out hearts and hide them all over the house.   Throughout the day, kids are finding hearts. 

Each time you talk to someone, you need to end your sentence with a gushy term of endearment like “sweetie pie, honey bunny, baby cakes.”

Play a sweet game of Valentine Hangman.  Make the word or phrase super lovey dovey!!

Cut/shape your food into hearts.  Pancakes, sandwiches and pizza are very easy.  You can even shape mac-n-cheese into a heart mound.  I DARE you to make a fried egg heart!!! 

Make playdoh and dye it red/pink/purple.  Add glitter to jazz it up.  I have a good recipe on an earlier post for playdoh.   https://findmebook.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/best-playdoh-recipe-ev-ah/

Get out an old lipstick and let your kids make kisses on a piece of paper.  Make it into a valentine.

NEW Valentine’s Picture

Make your sweetheart smile by creating a Find Me Book for Valentines Day!!   A gift as thoughtful and personalized as they come!   


 ♥Order by January 22nd to arrive before Valentines Day ♥

 ♥  Softcover $22.99                                   Hardcover Book $32.99  

Click here to begin –  http://findmebook.com/