Let them LOSE!

I know some of you might think this is a horrible post with such a sad picture.  The sole reason for my little guy’s sadness is because he got one of his playdoh pieces “recycled” or completely SQUASHED!  We were playing a playdoh game that he got for Christmas.  He loved squashing all of us,  but EVERY single time he  got squashed –LOOK OUT

Right after he got his playdoh piece “RECYCLED”
How quickly things can turn around! Seconds later when he can SQUASH someone else's piece.

I really think it is important for kids to lose.  It is very easy to win.  AND it is very easy to let your kids win.  But if you never let them lose, they are not going to learn that very important coping skill.   Learning to lose, is a hard skill but a very necessary social skill needed when they get to preschool and kindergarten.  Soooo, let your child lose sometimes – it is A – OKAY!