Books are a fun learning and bonding time.


Kinzie Jones – Find Me Book

Reading is KEY.  I can’t say it enough.  Reading stimulates children’s vocabulary and spoken language skills.  The more children read, the better they become at reading.  Even when they don’t understand every new word, they absorb something from what you are reading that will make more sense to them the next time the word comes up.    When you read aloud to a child, the child also hears the correct pronunciation to words even if they can’t read them.  PLUS, it is a wonderful snuggle time with your child.  Reading is KEY


Online Literacy Products and Books for Kids

Shara Lawrence-Weiss – Mommy Perks

With so many reading, literacy and book websites Online, where do you turn to find something unique? Where do you look in order to locate quality reading materials or hard-to-find themes and selections?

The Mommy Perks community offers numerous choices for book browsing.

Here are a few of the small businesses offering books and literacy products on Mommy Perks:

Barefoot Books (Amy) (

With a focus on multicultural books and concepts, Barefoot has set itself apart. Browse through to find holiday topics, family books, cultural stories, early readers and more. You won’t find TV characters featured in these stories: Barefoot Books focuses on real-life people and story-lines.

Slimy Bookworm (

Tired of looking through websites that offer ‘adult-like’ books on so-called ‘kid sites?’ Slimy Bookworm is here to help with your family friendly book buying needs. From birth-12, there’s something for every reader! A portion of all sales is donated to inner city literacy efforts.

Finding Our ‘Ohana (

This pro-adoption story highlights children in Hawaii who are searching for their ‘Ohaha (family). Follow their journey and delight in a little Hawaiian culture at the same time.

Kids Travel Happy (

Did you think that Kids Travel Happy was just for toys and games? Think again. You’ll find books here, also:  hands-on, travel books, Mad Libs, dot-to-dot and more. Stock a few books in your car for long drives!

Find Me Book (

What if we took the “Where’s Waldo” book concept but turned that into a personalized search-and-find coffee table book? Welcome to Find Me Book! Upload 6 photos (family or pets) and choose 11 scenes. The faces will scatter throughout the pages and your kids will enjoy finding their own faces…over and over again.

Personal Child Stories (

Hand crafted books, written upon order based on the child’s life situation and needs. Personal photos are used as the graphics, rather than clip art. Books are laminated and can be colored on and wiped clean. Text can be written in any language.

Women to Watch in 2011

WOOOOO to the HOOOOO!!!   Find Me Book was just listed in Mommy Perks –  Women to Watch in 2011!!  Very excited – if you can’t tell!!  I posted the Mommy Perks criteria and then click on link on bottom to see our writeup and read about 11 other AWESOME mom businesses.