A Perfect Mother’s Day may look like this picture.  Everyone smiling and happy and love all around.  Just wanted to share what a ONE MINUTE photo session really looks like.  It is amazing what goes on in a span of 60 seconds.  I actually get a big kick out of the “real” pictures to get the “perfect” picture.  So here are the rest of the pictures –














I am lucky and blessed to have these monkeys!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there!!!





Here are my little ducklings.  I am very lucky to have such a great family. 

My 4 kiddos on Mother’s Day

A few cute thing about my Mama’s Day

My son washed my van a.k.a. The Loser Cruiser.
*My daughter gave me a card saying the most special thing about me is that I love to garage sale.
We went to church and I dropped off my 3 oldest kids and my husband dropped off my 3 year old to their assigned rooms.  Coming down the stairs I heard this psychotic little kid crying and yelling “I HATE THIS PLACE.”  I thought whose little nightmare is that and saying “hate” about church – those parents need to do a better job.  So when I, a.k.a. Ms. Judgement, got down the stairs, I was greeted by – my psychotic son. 
My daughter went out and got me my favorite – Z Pizza and a can of Mountain Dew.


My mom with all her grandkids

I really feel like I won the lottery when it comes to my mom.  She is the B.E.S.T.   I always knew I had a good mom growing up but when I got a little older and more mature, I completely realized she was awesome.  Growing up on a farm in MN, we had no extra money.  And yet we never felt poor which is quite a feat raising 3 teenage girls.  I still remember Friday nights sitting with a big bowl of melted marshmallows and popcorn with my mom and watching The Love Boat and then Fantasy Island.  It did not get any better than that!

A few years ago, I was on a flight and I really thought this was the end of the line for me.  The plane was dropping and shaking.  Even the flight attendants looked scared – which is a really bad sign and they need to work on that!    So I closed my eyes and tried to think of a happy thought of each member of my family.  I had two memories about my mom.  The first one was when I was maybe a senior in high school.  I was sad (and probably TOTALLY hormonal and  TOTALLY over-dramatic) because some of my friends were giving me a hard time.  I was telling my mom this and then I started to cry about this and that.  Soon, we were in the car, just the two of us, heading to the mall, an hour away to buy a dress for the party I had been invited to but didn’t want to go because I did not have a dress.  Looking back on that, I bet my mom was wondering how the heck she was going to pay for that dress.  The other memory that came to my mind was as a little kid  making a fort and my mom bringing us “coffee” which really was coke in a coffee cup.  I totally remember her blowing on our cups and then handing it to us.     

My mom was with me after every baby I had (4).  With each baby, I always suffered from postpartum for about a month.  My mom was there with each one, until I started feeling like myself again.  She was truly a lifesaver.  I remember telling her after baby #2 that I just want to get in the car by MYSELF and drive away FOREVER.  She never said “Oh Kinzie, that is a crazy, weird, psycho, nutzo, wacko,  thought” but instead just gave me a hug and told me “it WILL get better.”  

Mount Rushmore

My mom also jumped in the good ol’ van with me and the 4 kids to make the drive from MN to CA.  Now that was a scary commitment on my mom’s part!  The kids were 1, 4, 6, and 8.  We had no idea how it would go but it was a BLAST.  Really, we never got mad or irritated with each other.  It is now a super memory for me and my kids.  The kids still talk about how Grandma taught them how to shoot spit balls in the hotel room.  Before we checked out, I had to wipe balls of spit off the ceiling, mirrors, pictures, and window. 

Shooting spit balls - Check out how my baby is carefully watching and learning!

Mom was up for anything on that trip and I never have a plan.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes bad.  I wanted to see Mt. Rushmore, which is about 5 hours out of our way.  Mom was game.  So we arrived at Mt. Rushmore and got out of the car.  HUGE thunderstorm with fork lightning.  We jumped out, took a quick picture, screamed back to the van and away we went. 

My mom is one great lady!  I am SO lucky to have her in my life AND my children’s life.

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