I recently just turned the big 4 – 0.  My sister mailed me a package with a little collection of things we grew up with and it completely defines the 80’s for me.  No, she is not a hoarder.  She is a master garage saler.  Actually… they sound quite similar.  Hmmm, we might have to talk to her when I get home.  Anyways,  here is the picture of the items she sent minus the R2D2 figurine.  My 5-year-old swiped it and I could not find it again.

All the Judy Blume books were a staple growing up.  I mean seriously, if you were a girl growing up and said you NEVER EVER chanted “We must, we must, we must increase our bust,”  – you, my friend, are a liar!  I LOVED Footloose and yes kids, that is a cassette tape and yes, it would sometimes get all twisted in the player.  I did have a Fonzi comb in my back pocket growing up because I was cool.  I can’t quite remember what fast food place we would go to get the Porky Pig and all the other Looney Tune glasses but I remember how exciting it was to get Porky – my favorite.  St. Elmo’s Fire was such a good movie and how cute was Rob Lowe?!  The shorts really cracked me up.  Our PE teacher would ALWAYS wear these short, tight, Spaulding shorts.  He was a very no-nonsense guy yet he wore these shorts EVERY SINGLE DAY and we were in Northern Minnesota!  I did put the rabbit tail on my key chain and my kids think it is gross.

AND if you can not remember this commercial growing up – I am not sure we can be friends.

     She finished the gift with the biggest bang – 40 dimes!  My great-aunt and uncle would always tape dimes that equaled your age.  So when I was 18, I was able to take the $1.80 in dimes and buy 3 pops and 30 pieces of Pal bubble gum!  Oh my word!  When I went to find a picture of Pal Gum, it actually came up on the Candy Wrapper Museum!  YIKES!

Thanks for such fun present Kel!!!!

Hi Stac.