My daughter and I recently attended the LA Women’s Expo.  It had a lot of vendors and celebrity speakers.  We were part of  the vendor club – if anyone was confused.  It was a pretty cool event.  We could listen to each celebrity and walk up to them, ask questions, and take pictures.  Each one of them had something they were trying to sell or promote, mostly books or a skin care line.  After pictures they would go to their booths and “work” a little.

Holly Robinson Peete was fantastic – super personable and down to earth.  Regis was funny and shorter than I thought he would be.  Another person that stood out as nice and “real” was Tia Mowry –  Sister Sister for any of you guys that remember that show.  I even smacked into Dog the Bounty Hunter as I was walking around.  Bottom line, very fun and interactive event with some celebrities.

Here is what brings me to my blog today.  My daughter and I were walking around and saw Deidre Hall, aka Marlena Evans from Days of Our Lives.  I used to watch this show when I was in college and thought it was cool to see her at the Expo.  Marlena was behind her booth selling her skincare line.  I told my daughter, “Look, there is Marlena!  I want to get a picture of her.” So we stopped and I got this picture –

I was totally happy with my picture and this is what happened next – Marlena gave me serious attitude.  She put up her hand and said “Do NOT do that!”  I looked behind me ( like all the cool kids do in situations like that) then said “Me?” and she just shook her head like a very disapproving teacher.  I was ready for her to spin her head all the way around and levitate like she did on Days when she was possessed by the devil.   YIKES!   My daughter and I walked away and we both were embarrassed.  We were still walking and talking about how weird and awkward that was when I looked at the picture I had taken.  I must have snapped another one just as she scolded me for taking her picture.  Here it is –

THEN we started to laugh!  Sometimes my timing is PERFECT.

Here is a clip of the great possession of Marlena Evans (1995) that I totally remember watching on my lunch break at school.  Enjoy.