A 4-year-old girl's favorite things!

Just made a book for my neighbor girl.  She is 4 and knows EXACTLY what she wants!  I asked her what faces she would like included in her book (you get 6 faces).  She wanted Justin Bieber, my daughter’s guinea pig, Heat Miser, herself, Mickey and Minnie, and then a unicorn –  rainbow included.  PHEW… and we found all those pictures. My absolute favorite of hers is the Heat Miser!

This was the first book that I have made where I did not just use faces.  She wanted the entire picture of Mickey and Minnie and the whole picture with the unicorn because it had that beautiful rainbow.  It still worked great!!!

Order a findmebook by January 28th to give to your sweet Valentine on February 14th!

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Okay.  I was looking for a show to watch on the dvr.  I was scrolling through the shows that we had recorded and came upon this   

                                       Justin Bieber is Proactive 



This must be TRUE LOVE if my daughter 

is recording Justin Bieber

 infomercials all about


NOW that is Must See TV!!!!


My 10 year old L.O.V.E.S.  Justin Bieber.  She also has a desk that almost made the firewood pile.  It is cracked right in the middle and is wobbly.  We decided to glue the top crack which lead to my daughter gluing a picture of “The Biebs.”  Which lead us to go to the store and buy a glue/paint product called Modge Podge.  That, by the way, is a fantastic name.  Every single time we say “Modge Podge’, we crack a smile and feel so crafty! 

So we just placed whatever pictures she wanted of her “Dream Boat” and just painted on the “Modge Podge.”  AND if she wants to add another pic, she just paints a little more of the glue on and WAAAA-LAAAAA!!!