Valentine’s Day Kid Activities

Here are some fun and cheap/free activities to do with your kids for Valentines Day

 Cut out hearts and hide them all over the house.   Throughout the day, kids are finding hearts. 

Each time you talk to someone, you need to end your sentence with a gushy term of endearment like “sweetie pie, honey bunny, baby cakes.”

Play a sweet game of Valentine Hangman.  Make the word or phrase super lovey dovey!!

Cut/shape your food into hearts.  Pancakes, sandwiches and pizza are very easy.  You can even shape mac-n-cheese into a heart mound.  I DARE you to make a fried egg heart!!! 

Make playdoh and dye it red/pink/purple.  Add glitter to jazz it up.  I have a good recipe on an earlier post for playdoh.

Get out an old lipstick and let your kids make kisses on a piece of paper.  Make it into a valentine.

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