A Perfect Mother’s Day may look like this picture.  Everyone smiling and happy and love all around.  Just wanted to share what a ONE MINUTE photo session really looks like.  It is amazing what goes on in a span of 60 seconds.  I actually get a big kick out of the “real” pictures to get the “perfect” picture.  So here are the rest of the pictures –














I am lucky and blessed to have these monkeys!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there!!!





My mom took us ziplining for Easter at Big Bear.  Yes, this is the same mom who took me skydiving during Christmas Break.  She is definitely not a pansy!  I actually think she is now considered an adrenaline junkie.


We went to Action Zipline Tours and they were fantastic.  We could not have asked for a better group of people to hook us up and let us zip around.  My mom, sister, 2 nieces, 2 daughters, and myself got to go for 3 hours and we all wanted to keep going when it was over.


Here is our crew right before the first zipline.  Not too sure that helmet would have saved us- I think it was for show.


This picture just sums it up – I am a spaz.zipline 4

Beautiful scenery!!!  zipline 7

My little dare-devil.  She now wants to work at Action Lines when she gets older.  I still can’t believe this used to be my super shy kid.zipline

Here is the Adrenaline Junky!


This picture is a perfect example of how it does not matter your age – your sister will always try to get you.  My dear sister had the zipline guy jump crazy on that very “stable” bridge as I was walking across.  SCARY!!!


We are high up!


My sister could totally work at this place too!

Here comes my sassy niece!

Just Hanging!


This last picture cracks me up.  This is our group sitting on the side of the road 1/2 way down Big Bear Mountain.  Apparently, when driving downhill, you need to coast more so you don’t ride your brakes.  As I was driving down, we started smelling something hot.  I stopped my 2001 mini-van (jealous?) and saw smoke coming out of the 2 front tires.  So of course we put some water in the coolant because that seemed to be the practical thing to do and waited a little bit.  We took off and in about 10 minutes, we could smell a super strong smoking, burning, we are all gonna die, hot smell.  We pulled over and smoke was pumping out of the tires.  Long story short, really nice man stopped, told me about switching gears and not to hit brakes, we let van cool for almost 1 hour and made it down alive!  Thank you Larry!!!  AND it cracks me up that I completely caused this problem.  Lesson learned!

A great day of ziplining, family, and automotive repairs!  Thanks Mom!!!!

Martin Luther King Jr. aka Dad

gty_martin_luther_king_family_1957_coretta_ss_thg-130114_ssh“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King Jr. had 4 small children.  So many stories have been written about all the great things in his lifetime that he did but when he got home, 4 little kids just called him Dad.  He had such a passion for righting a HUGE wrong in the world.  I like to see some of the pictures of Martin Luther King Jr with his kids.  Just enjoying them and being their dad.



This one cracks me up because we have all been  there during a photo session!
This one cracks me up because we have all been there during a photo session!

I know I have said this before and I will say it again –

It is impossible to explain to my kids when they ask about Martin Luther King Jr. –   I feel extremely embarrassed.  I absolutely HATE telling them that not so long ago, black children could not even attend the same schools OR drink from the same water fountain OR sit in the front of the bus OR …….  ABSOLUTELY embarrassing to try to explain this to my kids.  They are completely baffled on how  people could have even thought that AND acted on those crazy beliefs just because of a different color skin.   So CRAZY and ignorant.

hen I was teaching, we would be talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and it was the same uncomfortable conversation of trying to explain such bigotry and hatred.  A good activity we did to show how completely ridiculous people are when they are racist was the “Arm Test.”  I would have all the kids put their hands in a circle on the table.  Then I would say the whitest arm is the smartest and best and then we would keep going until the darkest arm was last.  The kids really could see how absolutely ridiculous such thinking was AND is today.

Another good activity is to give each of your students a lemon or apple.  Let them describe it.   Some will describe the size, color, and/or any dents or bruises.  Put all the lemons or apples back in a pile.  Each student will be able to identify their own lemon very easily.  Now have them peel it and put them back in the pile.  All the same.

Then we start talking about what a great and incredibly brave man Martin Luther King Jr. was and they start to see how extremely important this man was to the whole world.  He was not afraid to stand up for something that was so horribly wrong, unfair, and unjust.  Such a HERO.

Thank you Martin Luther King Jr.!

Street signs mark the corner of Rosa Parks Blvd and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Detroit


We just had a family reunion and during lunch, my 5-year-old was in charge of getting his own plate.  This is exactly what he picked.  AND let me tell you, there was a large variety of food.  So he picks 1 carrot, a half of a strawberry, 1 chocolate chip bar, and a glob of whipped cream.  A perfectly balanced meal!

At least he ate everything he took! 


After a couple of hot afternoons in a row, my 4-year-old and some of his neighborhood friends decided we should build a kid’s car wash.  Why not.  I mean, what could go wrong.  We took a trip to Lowes and picked up the supplies (and bubble gum).

What you need to pick up.  If you get these items at Lowes, the upc number is included.

  • 7 – 3/4″ x 10′ PVC pipes, #23971
  • 3/4″ FM x 1/2″ MIP hose adapter, #34759
  • 3/4″ x 1/2″ slip x threaded tee, #23933
  • 10 – 3/4″ elbows
  • 10 – 3/4″ tees
  • 3/4″ x 48″ dowel, #19384
  • 1/8″ braided rope (optional), #349214




  • Hacksaw or handsaw
  • Drill with 1/16″ bit
  • Measuring tape

We followed the diagram and hooked it all up.  Very easy to do.  We can also take it apart and store it easily.  Then we just bought some fun things to hang on the pipes.  We picked up a mop head, swim noodles, rags, and cut-up plastic table clothes….   We hooked the hose and SPLASH – it was a HIT!!!


I love my dad.  I can honestly say that there isn’t a nicer man out there.  He is always smiling and positive.  And he is funny.  When he does say something that doesn’t sound very positive, he will go “Wah -wah -wah” like Debbie Downer on SNL.  Cracks us all up.   AND if I think he is a great dad, he is the GREATEST grandpa.

One of my big memories that I really think about now is when I was little.  We grew up on a farm.  I remember playing kickball outside and seeing my dad walking home from the field.  He walked up to us and he was really dirty from being on the tractor all day.  We asked him to play kickball with us and he played kickball with his 3 girls until it was too dark to see the ball.  I never really thought about it much at the time.  Dad always played games with us.  Looking back on it, I know all he  wanted to really do was take a shower, eat, and go to sleep.  But there he is, playing until dark with his kids.  Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

My dad never hollered at us when we were little or TEENS.  I am not exaggerating either when I say that.  We definitely knew when he meant business  though, just by the different tone of voice he used.  Just think, he had 3 RAGING  hormonal female teenagers in a house!  Now that is a TON of tampons to buy too!  Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

All 3 of us girls were in sports year round.  That is a lot of shoes, uniforms, and after school money to come up with.  We did not have any extra money growing up but we always were able to buy a new pair of basketball, volleyball, and track shoes each year.  He never  told us how incredibly ugly those Converse Weapons were when we all NEEDED to have them!   We always had a couple of dollars on the table in the morning for after school when we had a game.  Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

My kids LOVE my dad too.  He plays with them all the time.  I actually have to say “Let grandpa rest a little you guys” so I can talk with dad!  He is totally a kid at heart.   The kids love going on tractor rides with dad and doing field work.  The kids trap gophers while on the farm.  For each gopher, they receive 3 bucks from the township.  Yes, gophers are a HUGE problem in fields.   With their gopher money split 10 (grandkids) ways, they each buy their ride bracelet and play games until their money runs out.   The kids love going to the fair with my dad.  I know they would pick the little county fair with Grandpa over Disneyland any day.   Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

I could go on and on and on.  My dad is fantastic and I love him tons!   He set a great example for me as a kid and as an adult.   Thanks Dad.   Heart Clip Art


My 8-year-old son just finished his baseball season today.  Can’t believe how much he and his entire team improved in 3 months.  Plus, they are not twirling around or picking at the grass as much either!  Just thought I would share  a couple of pictures of my baseball player.

AND a few good baseball quotes –

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”  Babe Ruth

“Most games are lost, not won!”   Casey Stengel

 “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”  Yogi Berra

“You don’t save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain.”  Leo Durocher

“You can’t tell how much spirit a team has until it starts losing.”  Rocky Colavito

People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”  Rogers Hornsby

Losing streaks are funny. If you lose at the beginning, you got off to a bad start. If you lose in the middle of the season, you’re in a slump.  If you lose at the end, you’re choking. ”  Gene Mauch


We have a baby bunny running around in our house.  Yes, I know,  what perfect time with the easter bunny.  Last week “Hopper,” as we call him, got in.  My husband has another name for him but I can not type it for fear of getting kicked off the family blog!   The above picture is exactly what Hopper  looks like.  Incredibly cute and adorable.   The bad part about this cute cuddly story is that we can not catch him.  He is so fast and can squeeze in the tiniest holes.   Right when we think we can catch him, he gets away.   The kids and I are determined to make a clean catch and place him safely outside.  We will.

Hopper can climb up on things too.  I have woken up and seen him standing on the arm rest of a chair we have in our bedroom.  Crazy.  I never thought bunnies could crawl up things.  If he hopped, it is at least 2 feet.  Don’t know.   All I really know is that he can go anywhere!  Here is the funny part of the story.  On Easter morning, (I know, I know…),  my husband woke up super fast and shot right up.  Hopper had run across his face while he was sleeping.  HA!!!  Now how many of you can say you were woken up by a real bunny on Easter morning!

Now, I am afraid that my husband sees this guy instead of our cute, adorable Hopper!


This is my grandma’s original table.   I love looking at this picture.  It brings back wonderful and happy memories of visiting my grandparents on their farm.  There always were people sitting around this table.  Eating, laughing, and talking.   My grandma was always cooking and  baking.  My favorite thing she baked was …. buns.  Pretty simple, but oh my goodness, they were TERRIFIC.   The smell was maybe even better than the taste.

I can’t imagine how hard she worked when my dad was growing up.  My grandpa and grandma had 5 children in a 2 bedroom house.  They farmed, worked hard and did not have a dime to spare.   Because of this, all 5 of  her children are hard-working and appreciative for the little things in life.  They also have a special bond that anyone can observe.  AND they get incredibly giggly when they are around each other.  This picture above says it all.  Heart 3 Clip Art

The kids absolutely loved visiting Grandma’s place.  They took everything in and had lots of questions  The one thing that all of them found quite crazy was the phone on the wall.  Many intellectual questions arose like “What is that spinning thing” and “You have to wait that long for each number to go around” and ” You would be soooo unlucky if your number was 999-9999 – it would take a year to dial.”

I took this picture thinking of how much my grandma would have liked seeing two of her sons and just “a few” of her great-grandchildren filling up her table.  Grandma was a wonderful lady.  She made her home into a loving – happy home.  Her family values, work ethic, and just plain and simply being a good person, has now been passed down through 4 generations.   Thanks Grandma.  Heart 3 Clip Art