Check out these Peek A Boo Bunny Jamberry Nails.  It seriously does not get any cuter than these!  I love to celebrate holidays and seasons and Jamberry makes it easy and fun to do just that!  AND what an awesome gift to place in an Easter Basket.  LOVE!!

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ImageToday I believe I have on the cutest Jamberry Nails ever!  I put on Peek-A-Boo Bunny and I used my daughter’s Jamberry Junior Frosting and Sprinkles.  I thought the sprinkles could go as jelly beans and I was right –   Love this combo!   Here are the nails I picked –

Peek-A-Boo Bunny Jamberry nails A150

There are so many reasons why I love Jamberry Nails.  Being nontoxic, lead-free, gluten-free, AND formaldehyde free is a BIG one.   What a great gift these would make!  Order anytime on my website

 REMEMBER it is Buy 3 get 1 FREE 


We have a baby bunny running around in our house.  Yes, I know,  what perfect time with the easter bunny.  Last week “Hopper,” as we call him, got in.  My husband has another name for him but I can not type it for fear of getting kicked off the family blog!   The above picture is exactly what Hopper  looks like.  Incredibly cute and adorable.   The bad part about this cute cuddly story is that we can not catch him.  He is so fast and can squeeze in the tiniest holes.   Right when we think we can catch him, he gets away.   The kids and I are determined to make a clean catch and place him safely outside.  We will.

Hopper can climb up on things too.  I have woken up and seen him standing on the arm rest of a chair we have in our bedroom.  Crazy.  I never thought bunnies could crawl up things.  If he hopped, it is at least 2 feet.  Don’t know.   All I really know is that he can go anywhere!  Here is the funny part of the story.  On Easter morning, (I know, I know…),  my husband woke up super fast and shot right up.  Hopper had run across his face while he was sleeping.  HA!!!  Now how many of you can say you were woken up by a real bunny on Easter morning!

Now, I am afraid that my husband sees this guy instead of our cute, adorable Hopper!


        The 5 lucky duckies of our 1st Find Me Book Freebie Contest are:          Heidi Kasprowicz-Carlson, Sue Downey, Lindsay Maracine, Julie Campbell, and bigguysmama (twitter name).   Congrats you guys!!  All you have to do is send me up to 8 faces you would like hidden into your Egg picture and we will do the rest!!  Email them to

Thanks for entering and ENJOY your picture!!!

Winners were picked by using

Can you find us??

Find Me Book’s FREEBIE Contest!

Find Me Book is having an awesome contest!   We will be giving the “EGGcellent” picture to 5 winners.  These 5 Lucky Ducks will be able to have up to 8 faces of their family, friends, and pets hidden into the scene.  You will be able to download the picture so you can share it with everyone.   How fun to search for your own loved ones faces!! 

The 5 winners will be drawn on March 13th, 2011

Here is what you need to do to win –

Answer questions correctly on my Twitter or Facebook pages (1 entry for each correct answer) 

Comment on this post (1 entry)

Become a Find Me Book fan on Facebook  (1 entry)

That’s it!  GOOD LUCK!


Can you find us??

Here is our newest Find Me Book scene to choose from – you get to pick 11 scenes.  Give a Find Me Book as a gift to a child, grown-up, or grandparent.  No matter what the age, it is pure delight and fun to watch them searching for their own faces!  This is definitely going in Easter baskets this year!  Remember to order by April 1st if you want it by Easter, April 24th.