Happy Birthday Zayn!

Image“Who is Zahn?” was the first thing I asked my 11-year-old when she asked if she could have a birthday party for Zayn Malik.  THAT question got me a look of “How don’t you know that mom” and I swear she was also rolling her eyes at the same time.

My daughter made some good reasons to why she NEEDED to have a party (a lawyer in the making) and I said yes.  I am so glad I did because it was a BLAST!  She invited 13 girls and they were all about his birthday too.  They decorated, blared One Direction music all night, played games, and even had a cake with candles and sang Happy Birthday (for the complete stranger that sings in a band).


Here are some other ideas we came up with for a One Direction Party-

*One Direction Memory – Just print up double of pictures of the boys and glue onto index cards.

*One Direction Pin the Tail on the Donkey – Get your favorite poster .. Pick somewhere on the poster where everyone must pin a specially cut out heart. Use Blu-tack to stick the heart on. The nearest to the spot wins the poster

*One Direction Identifier – Tape some audio of the guys.. Cover someone’s eyes and they have to guess which One Direction member is speaking or even singing. If they guess right.. they get another guess.. The person who answers the most questions correct wins a prize.

*One Direction Jigsaw Puzzles

*One Direction Musical Chairs – or I like to call it “Musical Rags.”  We never have enough chairs so we always use washcloths.

*One Direction 5 Corners – Put a One Direction band member’s name on each corner (or spot) in the house.  Let the girls pick a spot and then someone draws a name.  If they are in the drawn name’s spot – they are out.  Game keeps going until one girl is left.

*One Direction Dance Party

*One Direction Trivia

*One Direction Favorites – drink hot tea and eat Smarties

*One Direction Pictionary – have teams and first one to guess their teammates One Direction themed drawing gets a point

AND check out the cute invitation you could send (I found this AFTER we sent ours)



You are invited to my One Direction birthday party../ sleepover

It will be heaps of fun with Zayney games

Fabulous Liamonade Punch &

One Direction cupcakes in different Styles

Harry up and RSVP me.. or you will Louis out big time..

Niall be looking forward to seeing you there.. xxxx

If you aren’t able to come it will Payne me..

Directioners to the Party:…
There is only One Direction


It definitely was a super night and so fun to see how these boys in a band can make 11-year-old girls go crazy and get absolutely silly.  It’s just fun to be a part of it even if I don’t know anything!  AND did I forget to mention that all the girls slept over.  Enough said.  Goodnight!