This is my 4-year-old’s favorite page in his Find Me Book.   We have our 2 pets also in the book.  You can include any 6 faces that you want.  I have had many people order a book using the same person just with different facial expressions.  Anything goes!!  It is totally unique and no one will have the same book!   Get started now –  Find Me Book .

Can you find us?

A Cool and CHEAP Toy

My kids love playing with these car tracks.   They come in a little pack of 8 or 10 tracks and they are around $2.50/pack.  I bought 3 packs and a few new Hot Wheels and they have gotten hours of use out of it. 

The track that leads to the dreadful sand hole!
Here are what the tracks look like.

These simple and cheap tracks get played with a TON more than our expensive toys.