I remember seeing this on tv as a kid and everytime I see it – it always makes me feel happy.  And yes, it sounded just as cheesy as I typed it too!  But really, if you listen to this and don’t feel a little more peaceful – you might have a few anger issues.

Here are some of my favorite things about Christmas

I love all the classic Christmas stories but my favorites are Rudolf and Heat Miser.  Just looking at the Heat Miser cracks me up.  At one time or another, my kids have all had hair like him.

I am not big on sweets.  I would choose a Mountain Dew over a cookie anyday.  BUT for some reason my favorite Christmas treat is when you take Honeycombs,melted almond bark and some peanuts and mix it into a blob .  I don’t even know if it has a name but it’s my favorite.  We always have to make a gingerbread house and drink hot cider too.

My Aunt Lucy’s popcorn balls are a must!!!  I think she adds extra butter and marshmallow..

The present that I will always remember getting was the Little People Treehouse.  I loved that thing and I can remember Santa coming in to my Aunt and Uncle’s house and handing me that present.  It is funny how I can distinctly remember everything about that and I was probably 4 or 5.

I wonder what my kids will always remember about Christmas when they grow up.