Jamberry CelebrationBox is Here!

celebration box jamberryJamberry CelebrationBox is here!!!  What a fun and unique way to celebrate!  AND you can personalize to fit your party.  This is sure to be a hit at any birthday party or get together with friends.   Check out this video of pure awesomeness!  https://youtu.be/vul7U_xNRo0


  •  The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.
  •  You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening
  •  If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.
  •  The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.
  • It would take about 1,200,000 mosquitoes to fully drain the average human body of blood.
  •  In 1984, a Canadian farmer began renting ad space on his cows..

  •  Larry Walters tied 45 balloons to his lawn chair and rose to 15,000 feet.
  •  In 1992, 29,000 rubber ducks washed off a ship. They were found thousands of miles away 8 years later.
  •  In 1977, a 13 year old boy had a tooth growing out of his left foot.
  •  Your statistical chance of being murdered is one in twenty thousand.
  • A donkey will sink in quicksand but a mule won’t.
  •  Your home is ten times more likely to have a fire than be burglarized!
  •  You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening.
  •  Worms reportedly taste like bacon.
  •  Whispering is more wearing on your voice than a normal speaking tone.
  •  There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos.
  •  The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to seven.