My mom took us ziplining for Easter at Big Bear.  Yes, this is the same mom who took me skydiving during Christmas Break.  She is definitely not a pansy!  I actually think she is now considered an adrenaline junkie.


We went to Action Zipline Tours and they were fantastic.  We could not have asked for a better group of people to hook us up and let us zip around.  My mom, sister, 2 nieces, 2 daughters, and myself got to go for 3 hours and we all wanted to keep going when it was over.

Here is our crew right before the first zipline.  Not too sure that helmet would have saved us- I think it was for show.

This picture just sums it up – I am a spaz.zipline 4

Beautiful scenery!!!  zipline 7

My little dare-devil.  She now wants to work at Action Lines when she gets older.  I still can’t believe this used to be my super shy kid.zipline

Here is the Adrenaline Junky!


This picture is a perfect example of how it does not matter your age – your sister will always try to get you.  My dear sister had the zipline guy jump crazy on that very “stable” bridge as I was walking across.  SCARY!!!


We are high up!


My sister could totally work at this place too!

Here comes my sassy niece!

Just Hanging!


This last picture cracks me up.  This is our group sitting on the side of the road 1/2 way down Big Bear Mountain.  Apparently, when driving downhill, you need to coast more so you don’t ride your brakes.  As I was driving down, we started smelling something hot.  I stopped my 2001 mini-van (jealous?) and saw smoke coming out of the 2 front tires.  So of course we put some water in the coolant because that seemed to be the practical thing to do and waited a little bit.  We took off and in about 10 minutes, we could smell a super strong smoking, burning, we are all gonna die, hot smell.  We pulled over and smoke was pumping out of the tires.  Long story short, really nice man stopped, told me about switching gears and not to hit brakes, we let van cool for almost 1 hour and made it down alive!  Thank you Larry!!!  AND it cracks me up that I completely caused this problem.  Lesson learned!

A great day of ziplining, family, and automotive repairs!  Thanks Mom!!!!


bucketList findmebook

The only thing my mom has had on her bucket list was – SKYDIVE.   Never one to monkey around and think about things too long, she booked a jump with me when she came to visit this Christmas.  I was excited and thought it would be a really cool thing to do with mom.  We went to Pacific Coast Skydiving  and they were fantastic!  I highly recommend them if you are in the San Diego area.

We had to first sign our lives away – literally.  Lots of signatures and initials.     The whole family came to watch.  I know, I know,…. it could have been a life-altering horrible shattering incident in their lives but I took the chance.  I am a glass half-full type of gal.

photo (57)

photo (55)

photo (56)
 When they strapped us in, it sure did not seem like we had very much on.  Not sure what else I expected but not a couple of straps.  NOW I GOT NERVOUS!  Plus – there was a sign saying ARCH or DIE and when we asked them about it – the response was “If you do not arch immediately out of the plane –  you go into a violent spin”.  Now from this point on, all I was thinking was- ARCH. ARCH. ARCH. ARCH.

My mom kissing dad goodbye!

photo (25)

Walking off to the plane – I love this picture.

photo (23)

2012-12-27 11.56.36 Here is a view from the plane.  We are not even halfway up.  The next picture below shows my face when I learn that we are only half-ways on our climb.  My face says it all!     AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

2012-12-27 12.22.43

AND here is another reaction picture of myself – this one is a great picture of my mom and then look at her “about to puke” daughter in the background!

2012-12-27 11.57.06

OKAY, we are ready to jump!  My mom is first.  (I am not kidding you, but my hands have now started to sweat when I am typing this).  This picture cracks me up because the guy is totally kicking my mom’s foot out.  She had put the brakes on our adventure for a second and her foot was NOT moving from the inside of the plane!   In a matter of a second, mom is out and has disappeared.  2012-12-27 11.57.50-2

2012-12-27 11.58.01-3


2012-12-27 12.23.27-2

Now it is my turn and look at how terrified I was NOT to arch!  I am arching well before the jump.  Poor George, the skydiving instructor, had to drag my fully arched body to the door!!  I am lucky I did not pull back muscles!

2012-12-27 12.23.29-3

We did 2 somersaults!  This was my favorite part of the whole experience – the free fall.   We got to free fall for 45 seconds.  It was AWESOME!!


My daughter took this cool shot of both of us free-falling.

2012-12-27 11.58.45

Mom is steering the parachute.  This was her favorite part of the jump.

2012-12-27 12.25.58 - CopyWE DID IT!!!

Such a cool experience to share with your mom.  I mean really, how cool is it that my mom talked me into skydiving!  I am one lucky kid –   Thanks  mom-you are the best!