Just wanted to show you a few of my Jamberry Nails Favorites!!!

 ENJOY!!blue http://www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net/shop www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.netAnytime you shop – it is Buy 3 get 1 FREE!  

Check it all out at http://www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net


www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.netI absolutely love my Jamberry Nail Valentine’s Wraps!  They are adorbs!!  I can’t
decide which ones I like better.  What do you think?



AND seriously – how cute are these Valentine’s Jamberry Juniors?!!


Jamberry Nails make a wonderful Valentine’s Gift for your sweetheart!  AND they will LOVE you for it!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!



I wanted to share these photos just for fun.  Thor is my favorite photo – for many reasons!!!  I love how creative the photographer is with these pictures but I do not like the naked nails.  Check out the bottom of the post and see what nails look best on ET. www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net 10295990_392668427540516_4712303112454929317_o-1 10296490_369351723205520_2540790817389138787_o-1 10362766_381921555281870_3808418792138812511_o-1 10446239_391286891012003_633106230348053211_o-1 10490098_394171804056845_5498684924133760177_o-1

Okay – here are my 4 picks for ET (seriously, I just said that). And of course I picked 4 because it is Buy 3 get 1 FREE (:
Galactic Jamberry Nails Kinzie JonesI picked Galactic for the obvious reasons!!

vintage bike jamberry Nails kinzie jones

Vintage Bike for his ride with Elliot (:

Heart Attack Jamberry Nails Kinzie Jones

Heart Attack because he loves home.

Berry Blend ET Kinzie Jones Jamberry Nails

Berry Blend to spice up his red finger (:

What Jamberry Design would you put on ET?   (:


Jamberry Nails is the BEST company out there!

Jamberry Nails is the BEST company out there! I am so lucky to have stumbled upon it 2 years ago and it is running stronger than ever! We have the BEST compensation plan out there and our products keep wowing customers AND consultants! Here is a look at our amazing compensation plan and some of the incentives. I now have a team of over 1900 consultants and my goal is to have each of my consultants reach their personal business goals. Some sign just for the discount, others sign to make a part time income and others sign up to make a full time income working part time. However you want to work your business, you are supported. The key to this company is the product is consumable and wearing the nails is the best advertisement you can have. People approach you about your nails. The conversation happens naturally.


www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.netThese compensation plans are major money makers!  When you get to Sr. Team Manager and above, you are talking a full time income.  Can you imagine paying off all of your debt with nail wraps?  My dad still can’t believe it!  (:


Contact me for more details.



Fundraising with Jamberry is one of the best ways to raise money for your organization. Jamberry donates 10% back and I donate ALL of my commission – which results to a total of 40% back. What?!  I can customize your nails to match your organization – so cool!  I take care of all of the details – you do not have to be the middle man with order forms and envelopes of cash. EASY and FUN! Contact me at kinzieleigh@gmail.com and let’s raise some money!!!

Jamberry Nails are a nontoxic, thin vinyl that form a water tight seal and do not chip!  NO CHIPPING!

Here are a few of the nails I have customized for their fundraisers!


oc allstars sample nails

swimming santamargarita

eagles pop warnerMost of the time customers will order the custom made sheet AND also more from the website.  Wouldn’t you?!!  How can you narrow it down?  THIS is why these fundraising with Jamberry is such a success!!!


Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Jamberry Nails Look Book

I wanted to share my Jamberry Nails Look Book.  This one is the Holiday designs and they are AMAZING!!!  Take a LOOK!

To see the whole FESTIVE JAMBERRY NAILS LOOK BOOK – click here and you can actually shop right from there!  How easy is that!!!!    https://meet.fm/easyparty/party?id=369183&mfm_owner_extid=55292&subdomain=kinziejones


I L.O.V.E. our Halloween Jamberry Nails! Could they get any cuter?! Remember 1 sheet is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures. AND they last up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 6 on toes! I get so many compliments on my nails and the mummies are attracting tons of attention. Here are a few of the designs on real hands so you can see them “on”.
Kinzie Jones Halloween Wraps Jamberry Nails






You can buy your own Halloween Nail wraps on my website @ http://www.kinziejones.jamberrynails.net

And REMEMBER it is BUY 3 GET 1 FREE!!!