Check out her smile!!

My daughter LOVES Josh Hutcherson!  Yes, this is the same daughter who modge podged Justin Bieber on her desk but that was sooo yesterday.  Ever since she read the Hunger Games books and saw the movie, she is completely obsessed with Peeta!

THIS is just one part of her bedroom wall – just so you get the idea of what we are dealing with.


The other day I saw on Facebook that Josh Hutcherson was hosting a charity event at LA LIVE.  Apparently, my daughter liked his fb page so I also get to be informed of his whereabouts.  I saw that tickets were $25 BUT if you wanted to meet Josh, it would cost $100.  It was a lot dough but if she could actually meet Josh – OMG!  Plus, it was for a great charity that I had never heard of before.  Straight But Not Narrow  is a campaign that encourages everyone just to be themselves.   No matter if you are straight or gay, it does not matter.  JUST B U.

My daughter was all decked out in her Josh outfit.  She had one Hunger Game knee-high and one orange sock because it is a Hunger Game color.  She had on her Mocking Jay necklace, Josh buttons, and wrote sayings all over her shirt.  Some of the sayings included, “I LOVE JOSH,” “THE OFFICIAL #1 JOSH HUTCHERSON FAN,” I AM MRS. HUTCHERSON,” and so on and so on and so on.  She also brought a Hunger Game book and folder and sharpie marker.  She was a riot preparing for the meeting!

When we got to the event, she had a blast talking to other crazy fans while we waited to meet Josh.  There were two teens that had even flown from Kentucky to meet him.  Once we got to meet up with him, the first thing my daughter said was “Oh my gosh mom!  He has his Peeta hair on!”  She got to hug him and they took a few pictures and then he said “By the way, I like your shirt.”  Holy Cow!  You should have seen her-BEAMING!!  Then as we were heading to the basketball court, she kind of spazed out and started to cry.  She said “He smells like cologne, roses, and laundry detergent.”

Once we got to the basketball court, we were totally excited because we were courtside.  It was a celebrity basketball game and I recognized quite a few people – the older ones.  My daughter recognized the other people-the young ones.  One of the basketball player, Ben Carey-guitarist for Lifehouse, had my daughter walk on the court and shoot some baskets.  Super nice guy (with a great shot) and I thought it was cool to see him.  I love the song, Halfway Gone.  Here it is if you were wondering (:

Instead of saying, “Thanks for letting me shoot” or even “Who are you?” The words out of my daughter’s mouth were, “Can you please have Josh Hutcherson come and talk to me.”  Oh jeez.  He just laughed and was really cute about it.  Anyways, the basketball game was very entertaining.  The celebrities could actually really play.  Everytime Josh came by my daughter would squeal and put her hands out.  Super funny to watch.

This was an experience that my daughter and I will never ever forget.  Just watching my daughter was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.    Thanks Josh!


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