I love my dad.  I can honestly say that there isn’t a nicer man out there.  He is always smiling and positive.  And he is funny.  When he does say something that doesn’t sound very positive, he will go “Wah -wah -wah” like Debbie Downer on SNL.  Cracks us all up.   AND if I think he is a great dad, he is the GREATEST grandpa.

One of my big memories that I really think about now is when I was little.  We grew up on a farm.  I remember playing kickball outside and seeing my dad walking home from the field.  He walked up to us and he was really dirty from being on the tractor all day.  We asked him to play kickball with us and he played kickball with his 3 girls until it was too dark to see the ball.  I never really thought about it much at the time.  Dad always played games with us.  Looking back on it, I know all he  wanted to really do was take a shower, eat, and go to sleep.  But there he is, playing until dark with his kids.  Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

My dad never hollered at us when we were little or TEENS.  I am not exaggerating either when I say that.  We definitely knew when he meant business  though, just by the different tone of voice he used.  Just think, he had 3 RAGING  hormonal female teenagers in a house!  Now that is a TON of tampons to buy too!  Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

All 3 of us girls were in sports year round.  That is a lot of shoes, uniforms, and after school money to come up with.  We did not have any extra money growing up but we always were able to buy a new pair of basketball, volleyball, and track shoes each year.  He never  told us how incredibly ugly those Converse Weapons were when we all NEEDED to have them!   We always had a couple of dollars on the table in the morning for after school when we had a game.  Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

My kids LOVE my dad too.  He plays with them all the time.  I actually have to say “Let grandpa rest a little you guys” so I can talk with dad!  He is totally a kid at heart.   The kids love going on tractor rides with dad and doing field work.  The kids trap gophers while on the farm.  For each gopher, they receive 3 bucks from the township.  Yes, gophers are a HUGE problem in fields.   With their gopher money split 10 (grandkids) ways, they each buy their ride bracelet and play games until their money runs out.   The kids love going to the fair with my dad.  I know they would pick the little county fair with Grandpa over Disneyland any day.   Thanks Dad. Heart Clip Art

I could go on and on and on.  My dad is fantastic and I love him tons!   He set a great example for me as a kid and as an adult.   Thanks Dad.   Heart Clip Art

6 thoughts on “MY DAD

  1. Kinz, that was a wonderful tribute to a great husband. father and Grandpa. We are lucky. But as parents we are so thankful for you and your sisters! Love you! mom

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