My first guest writer on my Find Me Book blog is none other than my lovely, talented, and beautiful 13-year-old niece.  She also has a great sense of humor.  The above picture is her Halloween costume.  I mean come on, how many kids were Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady.  Right now they are visiting us from Minnesota.  I asked her to write a list about what she loves when she comes to visit us in California.  Here is her list:

1. I absolutely love the sun and palm trees.

2. I love the ocean.

3. I love that the houses all look the same, but they are so different from the houses in Minnesota.

4. I love being with my aunt and uncle and cousins.  🙂

5. I love walking my cousin to school…. But I hate that I have to leave and she has to stay.

6. I like the traffic, the crowds, and I love all the people… Only for a few days though. 🙂

7. I love that when one rain cloud passes everyone freaks out.

8. I love that my cousin’s backyard is a huge canyon.

9. I love all the fun things that u can do here.

10.I love my aunt’s neighborhood. They all carpool and everyone takes turns bringing the kids to school.

I love coming to California!


One thought on “MY GUEST WRITER

  1. Hey Livi,
    I liked what you wrote. I bet you are having fun. It is finally getting warm in MN. I finished my last day of the school year yesterday! So I am on vacation too. Give everyone a hug from Grandma!!!! Love you all!!!!

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