I was just talking to my kiddos about the tv I used to watch when I was a growing up.  Yes, that was after the conversation of,  “Mom, was tv actually invented when you were little.”  I started telling them about some of the shows I loved and they were really interested and clueles.  So this post is dedicated to them!

EIGHT IS ENOUGH – BEST FAMILY SHOW – with just enough drama.  This show was about a family with 8 kids.  The mom dies and the dad remarries a lady named Abby.  Lots of stories with that but I will never ever forget the episode where Tommy, the teenage son,  finds a gift from his mom that she had bought before she died.  Heartbreaking.  Anyways, very good show AND how cute was that little Nicolas!

Kids, Eight is Enough does not have ANYTHING to do with Jon and Kate!

FACTS OF LIFE – BEST show as a pre-teen.  I totally wanted to be Jo.   Bunch of girls living in one house being taking care of by Mrs. Garrett-  such a kind lady!  All the drama with girls – good stuff.  But really, why were they all together?  AND later on in the series, why did they run a candystore?

FALL GUY – Lee Majors had the coolest job.  He was a stuntman/bounty hunter.  I mean really….  Can you compete with that!

I loved the theme song but after watching it on YouTube – I can not believe how long and slow it is.  There is no way an intro to a tv show would ever be that long.  What do you think?

KNIGHT RIDER – COOLEST car ever – hands down!  Kit, the car, could do everything.  He drove, talked and was just like a person.  Kit even had funny comments.   This was cutting edge technology kids!

WHITE SHADOW – BEST sports show.  I loved everything about this show.  I wanted to be on their basketball team AND also wanted to be the teacher/coach.  This had the classic story of a teacher going into a tough inner city school and making a difference.  Seen it many times but this was a really good show.  Plus, you gotta love a character that is named Salami!

DUKES OF HAZARD– My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW!  Yes, this was the reason I was so mad about having to go to church on Good Friday.  From a preview on tv, the Duke boys were going to go skinny dipping and my mom and dad were making me go to church (Good thing I did not get hit by lightning for all the complaining I did about that).    We had no way to record or “tape” the show.  If you missed it, you had to hope it came back on a rerun.  I LOVED this show and had a mad crush on Luke Duke (the guy with the black hair).  He was my Harry Styles of today!  My older sister had a big crush on Bo (blonde guy) and I think my little sister just liked Boss Hog’s dog, Flash.    This by far had everything – good looking people, crime, cars, bad cops, and moonshine!

AND I had to include the theme song from the DUKES!  Now this is a classic!

So those were the shows I used to watch growing up.  I am SURE I don’t seem old to you now!!


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