When is the right time to let your son/daughter go into the bathroom alone?  I think of this every-single-time as I drag my embarrassed 8-year-old into the restroom with me.  Occasionally, I will let him go into the men’s but ONLY if we are in a nice place that is not busy.  AND the kicker (or complete psycho mom in me) is  that I stand outside the men’s restroom waiting and waiting.  Time is pretty much still until he walks out without a care in the world.  Little does he know that his mom has been standing outside like a crazy lady looking at every single man walk out and totally sizing them up.  I am sure they look at me and immediately think,  “They let anyone in this place.”

What would you think if you were walking out of the bathroom and got welcomed by this lovely mug?

4 thoughts on “PSYCHO RESTROOM MOM

  1. My sister told her son, ” I will stop making you go to the bathroom with me when I’d be taking you to protect me” Seems ok to me. On a scary note, I have a friend who’s son was attacked in a McDonald’s restroom with her standing outside, so your scary mug is okay with me.

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