Me and A.C. Green

We got to go to a really cool event last Tuesday.  It was called 2012 All-Access Lakers put on by a group named LASEC.  It was a blast!  The highlight for me was meeting one of  my favorite all-time players, A.C. Green.  I still remember him playing with Magic with his white socks pulled up to his knees.  We also got to go in the locker room and see how HUGE the boys’ shoes really are!  No petites in there.  We also got to shoot baskets on the court.  First shot for me… AIRBALL.

I also have my niece’s Flat Stanley from Minnesota.  It was fun taking him to this event.  All the players were really cool with  Mr. Stanley.  AND the Lakers Girls’ were all over him!!

Good ol’ Stanley with A.C.,Josh McRoberts, Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, Kathy Schloessman (Lasec President), Derek Fisher, and Mike Brown.

It was fun listening to all these guys talk.  My favorite current player is Derek Fisher.  So it was really cool that he was there.  He sounded very smart and was very well-spoken. The head coach, Mike Brown, was very funny and seemed very well liked by the team.  Very fun time for me AND Stanley!!


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