We had a blast this Halloween.  Just wanted to share a few pictures of our fun.  Of course the above picture is the very BEST part of Halloween – dumping your candy and sorting through it all.

Fun times TRICK or TREATING!  I LOVE when people dress up when they hand out candy.  The kids dig it too!
My 10-yr-old dressed up as a Justin Bieber Fan, of course!  She is holding Nurse Molly.  This dog LOVES to dress up- I am not joking.

The good old Mummy Wrap.  All you need is one roll of toilet paper per mummy.

Bobbing for Donuts was a big hit!  Very easy to set up.  Just string up some donuts and let the kids eat the donut but they can NOT use their hands.  Powered donuts are the best and messiest!

AND I almost forgot about the carving pumpkins part!!  3 out of the 4 kids love to roast the pumpkin seeds.  Just put a little olive oil and salt on the clean pumpkin seeds and then bake for 10 minutes at 350.  Really good!


2 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN FUN

  1. looks fun! did you have the party or did the neighborhood do it? We had a party at Kens and had a great time. Another game that went over well was having the kids get into groups of 5. Then you give them specific instructions on what they can have touching the ground as a group. For example, you could say 4 feet and 2 hands. Then they try and work together to do that. You can make it harder and harder. It’s pretty funny.

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