I got to attend a live taping of the TV Land show HOT IN CLEVELAND last week.  I had never seen the show but I knew all the actors (Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, Betty White) in the show .   AND yes, I was really excited to see Betty White.

My cousin was the one that hooked us up with the tickets-and let me just say – we were HOOKED UP!  She knows the audience director, Mike Burger.  He used to host the talk show Mike and Maddy in the 90’s and was the host of Password.  Mike’s job is to take care of the audience.  To make us laugh while we waited for each take.  He succeeded – BIG TIME.  We were there around 4 hours and my sides and cheeks hurt from laughing.

My cousin got a signed script to keep (:

Mike got the audience laughing and then we would have to be quiet for a take and when something funny happened, we would laugh even harder because we were so giggly from Mike.  He is really quick with a joke, comment, and can completely roll with a very unpredictable audience.  Talented guy.

We did get the VIP treatment.  My aunt, cousin, and I did not have to wait in line at all, we had seats saved for us, and as soon as we sat down, Mike told us to come down and check out the set.  The set is amazing.  Just like a real house-their kitchen even works!  So many microphones and lights hidden everywhere.  We got to go behind the set and I wish I would have thought to take a picture of their Craft Service- HUGE!

Just "hanging" on the set with the UBER funny Mike Burger.

The show is super funny.  What was really cool about being there – besides just being there – was seeing how all the actors like being together.  Mike also agreed saying that there are no “egos” on the set.  All the actors at one point of the night, came and talked and met the audience.  Very nice, funny, and beautiful people.  Even got to see Sean Hayes (played the friend on Will and Grace) and John Mahoney (the dad on Frasier).

My aunt and cousin "outside" the house.

Betty White was great AND super funny.  She even blew a couple of lines on purpose to get more laughs.  One time she messed up a line and then gave herself a little slap on the face and said “C’mon Betty.”  She is totally cute and always smiling.  Plus, she was at the set from 10a.m. to 9:30p.m the day we were there.  That is a long day for any 89 year- young gal!

Season 3 of Hot In Cleveland premieres November 30th on TV Land.


4 thoughts on “HOT IN CLEVELAND

    1. Thanks for the comment! Betty White is a total class act. There were 2 older ladies that had gone to Betty’s school. They got to chat with her. She just is as cool as I thought she would be!

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