Quarter Toss (and yes, that is my goofy pink headband around his leg)

My 8-year-old is in his 3rd season of football.  That sounds crazy even to me as I type it!  He started with flag his first year and now has almost 2 years under his belt with pads.  My son is not the biggest kid on the team –  actually he’s one of the smallest which concerned his dear old mom immensely.  That is why I get such a kick out of this picture.  He looks like a monster standing out there by his teammates.   Now we are wrapping up the season and my fears are gone.  He is one of the hardest hitters on his team.  I really can’t believe my eyes when I see him knock kids down that have 30 pounds on him.  It is cool to watch.

Marshall County-Represented!
Proud Mom!

Here is a before and after picture.  This was his first game and when he took off his pads – all I could say was “Way to REPRESENT.”  The t-shirt says Marshall County Fair Fan Club.  My son loves going back to Minnesota and going to the county fair.  His reply to me was “Grandpa will love this.”


5 thoughts on “FOOTBALL

  1. Kinz,
    You never cease to amaze your old mom. I so look forward to your blogs. Tell Ty he is right, Grandpa will love the picture.
    Love you all.

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