All the pictures in this post have the same theme – taking a closer look.   This is a picture of my non-listening 4-year-old.  We were outside playing and I told him he could not use my camera.  Being the obedient child that he is, he listened and kept playing.  Sometime during the afternoon, he must have secretly grabbed my camera.  When I was downloading pictures , I started seeing a bunch of outside pictures of wheels, the gutter, rocks, sticks, a truck, and then this GEM! 

Anyone in there?
The "do it yourself" Pull-Up

I took this picture in the morning when I saw my same (very obedient) 4-year-old’s pajamas on the floor.  He is trying so hard not to wet the bed at night.  He doesn’t want to wear a pull-up.  The night before, he wanted to sleep in his sister’s room but she said “no, you will wet my bed.”  So this is what he rigged up – bunched up paper towels AND they were dry.  SUCCESS!

See any marshmallows?
The Lucky Charms needs no explanation.  I wish I could say this was the first time our Lucky Charms looked like Alphabet Cereal.
I just think this picture is funny – alligator hat included.  I bet you always wanted to take a closer look into a Marshmallow Shooter.  Which by the way, are awesome UNTIL the marshmallows get all wet from kid saliva and then they stick in the tube.     
Marshmallow Shooter

5 thoughts on “TAKING A CLOSER LOOK

  1. Hey I know where you can just get bags of the lucky charm marshmallows so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of sorting! 🙂

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