This is my grandma’s original table.   I love looking at this picture.  It brings back wonderful and happy memories of visiting my grandparents on their farm.  There always were people sitting around this table.  Eating, laughing, and talking.   My grandma was always cooking and  baking.  My favorite thing she baked was …. buns.  Pretty simple, but oh my goodness, they were TERRIFIC.   The smell was maybe even better than the taste.

I can’t imagine how hard she worked when my dad was growing up.  My grandpa and grandma had 5 children in a 2 bedroom house.  They farmed, worked hard and did not have a dime to spare.   Because of this, all 5 of  her children are hard-working and appreciative for the little things in life.  They also have a special bond that anyone can observe.  AND they get incredibly giggly when they are around each other.  This picture above says it all.  Heart 3 Clip Art

The kids absolutely loved visiting Grandma’s place.  They took everything in and had lots of questions  The one thing that all of them found quite crazy was the phone on the wall.  Many intellectual questions arose like “What is that spinning thing” and “You have to wait that long for each number to go around” and ” You would be soooo unlucky if your number was 999-9999 – it would take a year to dial.”

I took this picture thinking of how much my grandma would have liked seeing two of her sons and just “a few” of her great-grandchildren filling up her table.  Grandma was a wonderful lady.  She made her home into a loving – happy home.  Her family values, work ethic, and just plain and simply being a good person, has now been passed down through 4 generations.   Thanks Grandma.  Heart 3 Clip Art

4 thoughts on “MY GRANDMA’S TABLE

  1. Kinzie,
    What a wonderful tribute to Grandma, I think she heard me reading it to dad. You have such a great way of describing things. Dad and I love this post. Everything you said is right on!!
    Love you

  2. Great picture of the 5 siblings! You can see how silly they do get when they are together and what fun they have. Grandma would be proud! What I remember most about Grandma and Grandpas is the great time we had over the 4th of July. All of the old classic games with all of the cousins: 3-legged race, gunny sack race, egg toss, treasure hunt,… Good memories!

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