The Very Hungry Caterpillar  is one of my all-time favorite books to read to my kids.  This book totally ROCKS because there is just so much to talk about in the book such as numbers, colors, foods, days of the week, and life stages – just to name a few.  I wanted to share 2  activities  that I have done with my own children and in my classroom to make the book even more memorable.    


(This one is by far my favorite activity.  I will probably be doing this when I am 90 – pushing a walker and grumbling about “kids these days”).


First, you need to find some  milkweed.  I just go to a ditch.  Milkweed grows all over the place.

Monarch Caterpillars

   Here is a picture of some monarch  caterpillars.  You will see all different sizes and can collect any size.  They get big quickly.

The key to keeping happy caterpillars is making sure they always have fresh milkweed.  Replace the milkweed once a day and that’s it.  No water.  They get everything they need from the milkweed.   

Hanging J

Any type of cage is fine as long as it has plenty of holes for air and something  for the caterpillar to hang onto when it makes its chrysalis.  Right before it makes a chrysalis, the caterpillar looks like a hanging J  – make sure you do not bump it at this time.  Once it is a completely turned into a green chrysalis, it is much stronger.                                                                                             

This is a great pic of a bunch of stages.  The caterpillars in the J shape means they are getting ready to form a chrysalis.  You can see 5 green chrysalis, and 1 black chrysalis.  It is black because  a butterfly is almost ready to come out.  You will be able to see the monarch’s wings at that stage.     Watch closely because they can come out  anytime now.



Take veggies, fruits, meats, cheeses, and whatever else you may have and poke a hole in each piece with a straw.  Serve it for lunch.  It will be just like the Hung




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