SOMEWHERE SLOW=my big movie break!

The CAST of the upcoming movie SOMEWHERE SLOW

 I know this picture looks like that game on Sesame Street where they say “One of these things is not like the others….” but I REALLY am in this movie!   My cousin, Michael Anderson, is a movie producer.  And yes, we are super proud of him.  He is currently producing the movie Somewhere Slow with Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee, Nip/Tuck, Prison Break), Graham Patrick Martin (Good Luck Charlie, Two and a Half Men, The Bill Engvall Show), and Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Psycho, Mulholland Drive, and tons more). 

 Mike let my two daughters and me work as extras for the day.  It was really fun and exciting.  I loved seeing how they made everything seem like something else.  Our scene was taking place in a diner on the east coast.  We were actually in a chinese restaurant close to LA.  It was supposed to be a cool fall day.  It was actually 95 out that day.  Smoke and mirrors baby! 

There are so many people on a set.  I found the script supervisor quite interesting to watch.  He had to make sure that every single time they shot the scene, EVERYTHING had to be EXACTLY like the last shot.  So he would be just staring at everyone and everybody-very intense guy.  He would say things like “Put more scrambled eggs on the right side of the plate” or “Make sure you put the fork down with your left hand put pick it up with your right.”  Another job I had no idea existed was the sound guy.  At one time, they actually had to shoot the sound of the restaurant, no one making any noise, just the sound.  It was funny, to me, when the man who owns the restaurant came in to start preparing to open  for lunch.  He was clanging pots and pans in the kitchen which equals = LOTS of unwanted noise!  There was even a job for someone to hold the spit bucket!  The actors were supposed to be famished so they had to really chow down each time they shot the scene.  So we witnessed this sequence of events a few times –  The director yells CUT, spit bucket, script supervisor says “Put more scrambled eggs back on the plate.”  and sound man yells, “Quiet in the kitchen!” 

I will definitely update you when Somewhere Slow comes out.  I also will have a few pictures of our UBER important part in the film.  Stay tuned!!


4 thoughts on “SOMEWHERE SLOW=my big movie break!

  1. Kinz, love the glamour shot!! How could you not be a famous movie star? Maybe that is exactly what you are pondering in this picture!

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