This is the driveway my sisters and I used to walk each day from school. It is just a few feet short of a half mile. We had the BEST bus driver in the morning.  He would go all the way into our yard to pick us up – although he was not supposed to do that. If your driveway was less than a half a mile – WALK.  He also would give us regular sized Snickers  on Halloween – need I say more.  The drop off driver wasn’t so compassionate. I remember one time he dropped us off and it was so cold our eye lashes and nose hairs were frozen. Thankfully, we had someone at our house (working on frozen water pipes) that saw we were walking and he picked us up.

Wide open spaces

 Another memory I have was majorly not listening to words of warning from our mother. She repeatedly told us never to walk on the ice in the ditch during springtime. It might look like a solid chunk of ice but CRACK – you were in the ice-cold water. Of course we had to give it a try. My older sister jumped across with a little bit of the ice creaking so I thought  I could do it. I got half way and the ice gave a big creaking sound and started breaking. I was going to go back but my sister yanked my arm and pulled me to the other side – while dragging me in the ice-cold water. I ran home so fast – not sure if I was more afraid of my mom finding out I gave the ice a try OR freezing to death!

We used to take “shortcuts” through the cornfield.  Our shortcut probably added another 1/4 mile to our walk!   I remember kicking my brand new shoes up into the air and then we would try to find them in the cornfield. Yes, I know, genius game. Never did find my brown super cool shoe.

Feeding the bulls grass while mowing the lawn. They eat it up like candy.

I love that I grew up on a farm. I even love the smell of our barn AND cows.  I know that sounds quite disturbing but “All True.”   My parents still live on our farm and we go there for the month of July. The kids (and me) run around, jump hay bales, four-wheeler, climb trees, feed cows, make forts, and basically play outside all day. There is a certain freedom with so much space – I love it.  Just peaceful and simple.



8 thoughts on “GROWING UP ON A FARM

  1. You are such a great mom! In our world of overscheduling we could all use a month-long break to bond with our kids!

  2. Kinzie,
    Dad and I love reading your blogs. Sometimes finding out things we never knew before….
    We so look forward to the month of July and having everyone home.
    Love you

  3. When we were growing up we always complained we were so far away from everything. But we had picnic lunches while exploring the woods, played in the creek on hot days and had to clean out the hog pens after they were sold, it wasnt an option. I wouldnt give it back for anything. My oldest son grew up out there, helping my dad and at 20 he is leaps and bounds ahead of most kids his age, holding down a full time truck driving job and helping on the farm. 4 Years ago I was finally able to move back, just 3 miles away in my grandparents house. I love it.

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