Viking Cafe

This entire group ate breakfast for around 40 BIG ONES!!

When we are home in MN, we always have to eat at the Viking Cafe. It really is like no other cafe around. My parents will take us out for breakfast and there is usually around 14 of us.  We can order what ever we want.  The bill is around  $40.00. No price gouching here folks. I think you can get a pancake for 1.75, a piece of toast for 75 cents,….I kid you not.  Check out Evidence A on the bottom for proof! 

Dynamic Duo - Marge and Michael

The two people who run the joint are Marge and her son Michael. Super friendly and nice AND terrific cooks.  They even let my daughter and niece waitress on a couple of Fridays that we were there – they loved it!  On Fridays, they have potato dumplings and usually get 150 coming in for lunch.  For those of you who might not think that sounds like a lot, Viking’s total population is 142!! 

My niece taking orders!

It not only is a cafe but you can also shop for antiques too. My mom is getting quite a collection!

I highly recommend stopping for a bite at the Viking Cafe if you are ever in the area. Just like one of the sweatshirts they sell says, “Take a LIKING to VIKING.”

Evidence A - My proof

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