Trust me – Wear shoes – All 5 toes hurts immediately after kicking can!!

Now this is a fun game!  All you need is a tin can and some people.  One person is “it” and the others hide.  When the game starts, someone kicks the can and everyone runs off and hides.  The person that is “it” runs to get the can and put it back where it was kicked.  Then the “it” person looks around for people.  If the “it” person sees someone hiding, he runs to the can and calls out who he saw.  The person that was “seen” is now caught and must sit in an area by the can –  aka JAIL. This keeps going on until all hiders are caught OR if someone kicks the can. IF someone kicks the can before the “it” person gets to the can, all the people who have been caught and in JAIL get to run off and hide again.  Playing Kick the Can is really fun when it is dark outside.


2 thoughts on “KICK THE CAN

  1. That was fun! I was trying to think of my favorite outside game and I think I’d have to go with Antie I Over – I have absolutely no idea how to spell that! What’s your all time favorite?

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