My Smurf Collection

When I was 7 I started collecting Smurfs.  I can remember going into Hallmark as a kid and just eyeballing all those blue people on display.  It was a great collection to have since each Smurf was $1.50.  I remember one Christmas getting 10 – now that was Smurftastic!

I cleverly named all my Smurfs.  For example,  I had a Chef Pierre, a Smurf with a baker’s hat.  So naturally, the next obvious choice would be to name the 2nd Smurf I got with a baker’s hat…drumroll…… Chef Cierre. I always married Smurfette and Luke.  I think I named that hiker Smurf Luke because I was in love with a Mr. Luke Duke from Hazard County.  Brainy was also in LOVE with Smurfette so it was a major LOVE triangle.  Ahhhh, the drama in Smurfville.  

My Favorites
Super Ken to the RESCUE!!
One of my favorite Smurfs was Super Ken.  He was named after my cool high school cousin.  He is 7 years older so when I was little, I really thought he was like Superman.  Ken could do no wrong in my eyes.  I mean come on – I named a Smurf after the guy!  Now we are WAY older (and totally COOLER) and Ken can still do no wrong  – some things never change! 
My kids love to look at my Smurf collection that is still at my mom and dad’s house in my red corduroy bag labeled Kinzie’s Smurf Bag. So when we were at the movies last year, a preview for the Smurf movie came on.  All 4 of the kids looked right at me and were so excited.  It was cool to see how thrilled they were that my little blue people collection as a kid was going to be a movie.  We all are going to the movie this week  and I am sure it will be Smurf-riffic! 
On a side note – my spell checker just went WILD on this post!!

6 thoughts on “SMURFS

  1. As always Kinz, I love your blog. Gives me a chance to take a walk back in time too.
    I hear you had to stop at the er in fargo. Good thing your plane was running late. I already miss you guys. Love you all lots! mom

  2. Kinzie how funny about the smurfs, I had a friend that also collected them all and now that a movie is coming out and they are in the kids meal at our favorite restaurant my daughter is also collecting them.

  3. I was not as cool as you and only collected Strawberry Shortcakes. At least I didn’t collect Rainbow People – I mean really! 🙂

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