My nephew and sister

I recently got a chance to watch my nephew play baseball.  He is 9 and quite adorable.  I was so impressed by his coach (and of course my nephew) during the 2 games I watched.   I have been present and witnessed many games, of a variety of sports, where parents and coaches act like total idiots.  This coach was 1st class all the way.

The first thing I noticed was that he never raised his voice.  Very calm and cool.  Even after a poor call, he just calming told his player to get off the base.  *Respect authority* 

Another time one of his players struck out and was pouting.   The coach just walked up to him, put his hand on the kid’s shoulder and said “It won’t be the last time you strike out, so get out there and play defense.”  *If you fail, try again*  

One kid got hit by a ball on a pitch.  The kid was really limping around even though he was hit on the elbow.  He limped to 1st base and was carrying on.  The coach walked over to the boy and said,  “Are you hurt?  If you are, you can go and sit on the bench.  If you aren’t hurt, quite limping.”  The kid quite limping and kept playing.  *Be tough – Don’t be a wimp* 

The last play happened to be his son striking out.  It was a close game and they needed a run.  The boy was mad he struck out.  He threw his bat.  THAT fired up coach.  He ran right out there and said “No way do we throw bats.  Go pick it up and get in the dugout.”  *Do NOT be a sore loser*  

I am so impressed by this coach.  He is teaching these boys life lessons and they don’t even know it.  He is teaching  them the discipline of the game, the respect it demands and the teamwork it takes to succeed.   That discipline, respect and teamwork is what will make them model citizens and parents in the future.

Thanks Coach!!


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