Check out that burger!!!

My 10-year-old daughter and I got to go to Mama Mia at the Segerstrom Hall.    My daughter loves ABBA and all the songs to Mama Mia.  She loves the movie – almost as much as the movie Grease.  When I heard this musical was coming, I thought it would perfect for just the two of us to go.  That was the best part of the whole entire night – doing something special – just the two of us.  I told her that we could go out to eat anywhere she wanted.  I was hoping for a nice place.  She picked    and we ate in the “loser cruiser” as the kids call my 10-year-old van.  Mama Mia was a fantastic musical and I don’t even like musicals.   Very fun night and a special memory for both of us. 


2 thoughts on “MAMA MIA

  1. How fun that you two did that together..just you and her! Sweet memory! Youre a good momma! You both look so pretty:)

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