My oldest daughter has been playing violin for 3 years.  She just brought me a form to change electives.  She wants to quit violin and take drama.   She was loving violin mid-year but now says she is sick of it.  I am torn.  Do I let her quit?  I know if she quits now, she will never take up violin again. 

   My parents made me play the good ol’ trombone (yes, that is what I picked)  until 10th grade.  I could not wait to hit that grade so I could quit.  I KNEW I wanted to quit but I had a couple of years to make sure.

So do I make her stick it out another year to make sure she REALLY wants to give up the violin or do I just let her quit now??????


10 thoughts on “DO I LET HER QUIT?

  1. Kinzie, I played the Violin from 3rd grade to 12th…I loved playing the Violin!~ Please pass this on to your daughter…Tell her that she will regret this decesion later on…My kids all played and instrument throughout school, but they didn’t have an orchestra,…they had a just a band…So her school is lucky to offer such a wonderful gift…Is it possible that she could do both? ~ Maybe you can work something out with the teachers…xo Andra 🙂 ~ aka the “Single Glow Girl” 😉

    1. Thanks Andra!! I love that you played the violin too (o: We are super lucky her school has an orchestra and I think I might make her stick it out another year and if she absolutely hates it after one more year – then she can quit. It kills me because she loved violin mid year. I think she wants to take drama because all her friends are in it. I am going to talk to her orchestra teacher too.

      Hey, how are things going with Single Glow?? Is there anything I can do for you on the west coast side??

  2. Hi Honey,
    This is your mom talking, Britta’s grandma. My biggest regret is not letting you quit, it was having you take and instrument you would never use. When are you going to pick up a trombone???? Had I been thinking alittle more, I would have gotten you girls a piano, or had you take guitar lessons, you would always be able to play them anywhere or anytime. That doesn’t answer your question, but that is just my 2 cents worth.
    Love you all bunches
    mom/grandma jeannie

  3. You’ll hear both sides of the spectrum on this one. Musicians who are so glad their parents made them work hard and they became really good and people who got burned out and hated it because they were forced to. I think you just have to know your kid. My daughter tried piano lessons for about six months. It was a constant battle to get her to practice and after 6 months I thought , “why am I paying for this?” So I let her quit. My best comparison is in sports, which all my kids played, and still are. We did not want them to quit mid-season. We told them they didn’t have to play next year or next season, but they had to finish the season they were in. It was a lesson in persistence. Maybe making her stick it out for a while, like a few more months would cement her desire to quit or get her through her emotional feelings right now. If her desire to quit doesn’t pass, then I’d let her quit. What’s the point of forcing our kids to be someone they really don’t want to be? Just my thoughts, for what they are worth.

    1. Thanks Janis! Everything you wrote made total sense – and I still don’t know what to do! I think I am going to see if she could take drama or violin outside of school. Maybe give her a little more time on the violin. UGH – I wish I knew for sure what to do!

  4. Hi, just saw your question and here’s my two cents. I took piano for 10 years and since graduating high school haven’t used it at all. However, I took drama/show choir and still love both. Is there any way she could take violin lessons outside of school? Just a thought. Good luck, it’s not always easy being a mom.

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