There is a HUGE UFC fight on Saturday that I am so excited to watch.  There are 2 top-notch guys fighting in it that I want to have you get to know a little better.  

I workout at a gym called Reign in Lake Forest, CA.  It seriously is the BEST place I have ever joined.

Mark Munoz - Fillipino Wrecking Machine

The owner is Mark Munoz.   Seriously, the nicest guy ever.  He always takes the time to talk to you and has this HUGE smile on his face.  He has made this gym of top-notch MMA/UFC fighters into the friendliest gym I have come across.  No one has that “I am better than you” attitude that so many gyms have.  Mark’s wife (super nice) also works there and you see his 4 kids running around.   He also teaches wrestling classes to kids.  I would send my kids there in an instant if they wanted to give wrestling a try.  How awesome to be coached by a Division I champion. 

Krzysztof Soszynski - KSOS - The Polish Experiment

Krzyzstof Soszynski also trains at Reign.  He is the reason my 7 day trial turned into a membership.  He teaches a cardio class in the morning that is like no other.  All I can say about it is  – Awesome.  Krzyzstof is a very big, tattooed up guy – intimidating.  When I first walked into the class, he was hitting a sledge-hammer onto a tractor tire.  Yes, my fight or flight instinct was triggered a bit!   One of the coolest things about Krzyzstof is that he can teach a class of young, old, athletic, overweight,…. people while making our entire group feel good and challenging us all.  When one of the people in my class did a wall walk for the first time after struggling with it for a few weeks, he was beaming and so genuinely happy.  That is cool to me.  He is one of those rare athletes who is extremely humble.

My nephew is visiting from MN and is a big fan of both these guys.  He brought a t-shirt for Krzysztof that had his MN Wrestling team on it.   When my nephew gave it to him, Krzysztof immediately took his t-shirt off and put on the MN one.  SO cool and my nephew was GLOWING!! 

Mark was so nice to my nephew -
Krzysztof and my nephew - Check out the t-shirt!

Then we were leaving and saw Mark in the parking lot.  Mark chatted with my nephew and invited him to a few wrestling classes. 

Later that day, my nephew was at Disneyland.  He told his mom, “Today is fun but not as great as this morning meeting Mark and Krzysztof.” 
SO tune in on Saturday and cheer for these GENIUNE, HARDWORKING, TALENTED, CHAMPS.   

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