On Monday we got to go to a Dancing With The Stars taping.  I do not watch the show but I was very interested in seeing my very first boyfriend “get down.”  I had a H.U.G.E. crush on Ralph Macchio a.k.a. Karate Kid when I was younger.  Now I find out he is 49 and that makes me feel 100!  

It was a lot of fun to see how this shows operates.  There is a guy who pumps up the crowd in between breaks and he was great.  He had the whole audience dancing.  Very interesting to see how nervous some of the dancers were and

The Gang (:

others were super calm and relaxed.  

The coolest thing that happened was that we had this lady named Jeanie sitting by us and she kept waving at Carrie Ann – one of the judges.  She did not just wave a couple of times, she waved E.V.E.R.Y. single time there was an opportunity or break.  The guy that pumps up the audience even noticed and started talking to her.  Very nice lady (and not crazy which we were wondering in the beginning) who just really loves Carrie Ann.  It was cute.  Carrie Ann would wave back many times during breaks which would lead to Jeanie squealing and jumping up and down.  After the show, Carrie Ann went up to talk to Jeanie.   My cousin had a sharpie marker in her purse.  Yes, she actually did.   I made fun of her little Sharpie plenty before I actually needed it – Sorry again Tam  .  Carrie Ann asked if anyone had a Sharpie and sure enough –  my ever-prepared Cousin whips her Sharpie out and gave to Jeanie.  My Cousin also had her sign the shirt I bought for a little 5th grader with autism that my sister has in her class in MN.   She is a huge fan and I  thought she would get a big kick out of a shirt so BONUS.  Now it is signed – Keep Dancing, Follow your Dreams, Love Carrie Ann Inaba 

 My aunt is a big fan so it was a lot of fun to go with her and my 2 cousins.  Very fun.  Oh yeah – and I totally made eye contact with Karate Kid – it was like he KNEW I used to kiss his poster each night!



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