We both parred this hole!

Today was a busy day – which is pretty normal.  We had church, then I went grocery shopping, went to the swimming pool with the kiddos, dropped my son off on a playdate, did some laundry, went to Target, and then picked my son up at 4:00.  As soon as we got home, my 7 year old son said “Remember you said (oh man, what is coming ) …. you and dad would take me golfing today.”  I did an inward groan because I DID remember saying that.  I looked at my disastrous house and almost said “Let’s do it another day.”  But I looked at him and said “Let’s go.” 

My awesome little golfer!

AND I am soooooo glad I did.  We had great time and you could just see how special it made my son feel that his mom and dad were just with him and no other sibling.  Perfect ending to a typically busy day in our house. 

Hitting out of the sand trap (:

I will never remember today as the day I really kicked butt and got the house so clean.   I WILL remember today as a day that was super special spent golfing with my son.  

Not to brag or anything but he parred 2 holes!  



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