Theeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrre's Justin!!!

My daughter just had her 10th bday.  She is absolutely- positively in L.O.V.E with Justin Bieber.   So she wanted to BE

What's a party without the HULK?!

 Justin Bieber for her bday.  We made it into a celebrity bday.  We told her friends to dress up as their favorite celebrity.  When they got to our house, we had a red carpet (aka – red plastic table cover), and paparazzi (aka – my awesome neighbor and older daughter).  The girls got a kick out of dressing up and striking silly poses.  

Here is the head count on what celebs are popular for the 9 and 10 year old crowd. 

Justin Bieber – 2, Selena Gomez – 7, Taylor Swift – 4, CC – 1, J Lo – 1, Cheryl Burke – 1, Justin Bieber’s bodyguard – 1, AND Incredible Hulk – 1   

I mean what’s truly a PARTY without the HULK?!



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