Here is the very "distinguished" group of Clue Players

Playing a real life version of CLUE is a total riot for any age.  All you have to do is hide the weapons and suspects names in a certain amount of rooms.  The players go around the house, searching for the hidden weapons and names while taking notice which rooms they are in.  

We wrapped up the game with a tea party of Doritos, watermelon, and cookies!

We completely did 2 different versions of the game, one for the kids and one for the adults.   Some of the weapons we used with the kids were a feather duster, a paper towel roll, and a shoe lace.  The sillier, the better.  We did not hide the items too hard.  We were a little more authentic with the adults.  We actually had a candlestick, revolver -not loaded, and knife.  

The kids had to read their discoveries using a magnifying glass!

Both ages had a checklist and went from room to room checking off a weapon, name, and what room they found it in.  When the pair thought they knew who, what, and where, they made the big announcement.  The big announcement involved a bell and magnifying glass.  Very dramatic and fun.

We all dressed up – the sillier the better.
My sisters will be so proud that this picture made it on my blog.  Check out our very dangerous weapons!  Yes, you are seeing correctly.  I am holding a super long, paper cigarette.  Just another good lesson for the kids.  Smoking kills!  Gotta love those teachable moments.
AND here are my two sisters! We are all in complete character and for some reason we all thought we needed to pucker our lips a little!

7 thoughts on “CLUE – the REAL GAME!

  1. That was a ton of fun! Broooke followed it up by having a clue birthday party. The kids loved it but most had never played the real board game! Nice long smoke. What were er trying to do with the facial expressions?

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