Relief Run for Japan – Tokidoki

Relief Run for Japan 2011

We participated in the Relief Run for Japan.  Josh Duhamel (actor, but most importantly, the son of my cousin’s PE teacher in Minot, ND) organized this awesome event.  100% of the money went to the Red Cross.  He did a great job.   Way to go Josh!!!

Fergie and Josh right after run.

 It was a hoot seeing Paris and Nicky Hilton.  AND Paris totally was checking her lipstick with a little compact as she was walking to start the race.  No surprises there!!

Paris with her compact, checking out her lipstick

The most exciting part of the day was seeing Fergie.   We ran right next to her for about a half mile.  My 12 year old daughter REALLY loved that too.  The only person that would have enjoyed it more would have been her father!!   

The BEST part of the entire day was being with my family and friends and helping.  I feel so helpless when I watch the news about Japan.  So horrible.  But today, I really felt like I helped.  AND we were surrounded by people helping and it felt really- really great.

My daughter and bodyguard/cousin running next to Fergie

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