Elvis and Mexican Food

We found a super great Mexican restaurant when my dad was visiting.   It is called the Azteca Mexican Restuarant and it is totally worth a stop.   Great mexican food!  And HOLY ELVIS BATMAN!!!  There are so many items of Elvis in this restaurant that it kind of made me dizzy.  Everything you could think of was there.  Go ahead and try to come up with something they didn’t have – aaaannnnnd —they had it.  My personal favorites were the Elvis Lamp and Elvis Pinball Machine.    If you are ever in the area, definitely buzz in for a bite to eat and a look around. 

Just hanging with The King

When I saw this picture of my “fantastic” Elvis impression, I told my daughter that it was “Spot On” and she replied, “No, mom.  It is more like Mor- On.”   

Disclaimer – No one asked or paid me to write this article.  I am doing it only because of the pure “awesomeness” of the place!!

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