She loaded up on her Ficklets!!!

My daughter just got glasses.  She was NOT happy about this – at – all.  Now she tells me she needed them a long time ago but just didn’t want to get glasses.  When we were in the eye doctor, my jaw dropped when I saw how poorly she could actually see.  How in the heck did she pass all her school eye exams.   The red flag that I noticed that made me make an appt. for her was she loves to read.  BUT she would only choose books with a bigger font.  I probably will ONLY feel bad about this for….30-40years.  The guilt of a mother – gotta love it!

Luckily for me, I met an awesome lady on Twitter who sells little decals for eyewear.  Super cute and very inexpensive.  The BEST part of it all is that my daughter was actually excited to pick out decorations for her glasses.  No one else got to get them AND they were all really cute.  When they came in the mail, she was so happy and put on ALL of them!! 

I just LOVE this company and wanted to share with you all.  What a great idea!  Makes wearing glasses fun for kids.  PLUS, putting a smile on your child who feels she doesn’t look cute in her glasses is absolutely PRICELESS! 

Here is the Ficklets site                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Definitely worth a look!!!

Ficklets did not pay or ask me to write a post about their product.  I just wanted to share this awesome find with all of you!!!


5 thoughts on “Ficklets

  1. She looks soo cute!! I got glasses in 4th grade and was pretty sure it was the end of my life. Would have been wonderful to have something like that back then. Oh the awesome products people come up with!! Give Leigh kisses and tell her she looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks Alli! I will tell her (: The lady that created Ficklets is super nice and such a great idea!
      AND I bet when you had to get glasses, you probably had 2 – 3 to choose from.

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