The puzzle we HOPE to have finished by Christmas.

Our t.v. broke last Wednesday.  SCREEEEEECCCHHHHH  – the world as we knew it had come to an abrupt halt.  AND it has been raining every day that it has been broken.  BUT we have found a silver lining to this major catastrophe.  We are now involved in great games of Crazy 8’s, Concentration, Go Fish, Old Maid, and Kings’ Corners.  It is more relaxed and seems more quiet AND we have a puzzle going and going and going…  I thought it was a cute Christmas puzzle but has turned out to be an addicting mindbender.   We were in a habit of turning on the t.v. way too much and this was a great eye-opener.  The t.v. will not be on as much and I don’t think anyone will mind one bit. 

Snuggling and reading with Grandma.

2 thoughts on “NO T.V.

  1. I am with you!! I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t have a tv, except when Big Brother comes on! Another thing that grabs our attention way to much is the computer. Also the kids seem to get along better when they are forced to play.

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