Cool Christmas Gifts

I remember my mom and dad always saying that homemade gifts are the best.   When I was little I did not believe that for a minute.  Why would you want a homemade card instead of a Weeble Wobble Camper WITH with attachable trailer.  NOW…. I know they were  EXACTLY correct-o.  This week we  have gotten 3 really cool homemade gifts from friends that I wanted to share.   1.  Snowmen made from white chocolate and oreos   2.  6-pack of Root Beer Reindeer  3.  Decorated pretzels with a personalized label

Cool Gifts!

Personalized label


2 thoughts on “Cool Christmas Gifts

  1. Kinz, those ideas are very cute! And more importantly they look super easy. I wish my kids would start making stuff instead they keep wrapping up stuff that’s laying around the house and presenting it to me. We have gone through all of our wrapping paper and I haven’t started wrapping the real presents.
    Kinz, Weeble Woobles were the best!!

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