A GREEN Dollhouse


My 9 year old daughter was soooo done with her Barbie Dollhouse she had gotten  in 2003.   She gave away all her Barbies but still  plays with her Polly Pockets sometimes.  She wanted to get out the dollhouse which had been moved into our garage ( holding football helmets).   It actually made perfect shelving for the helmets but the boys did not think it was very cool.  That is an entire different story!   

ANY WHO, we decided to give it a little “remodeling.”  We looked around all over the house for items to makeover the dollhouse.  The only thing we purchased were 5 faux wood floor sheets – at 88 cents a sheet from Lowes.  Everything else  we found –  treasures.   The best part about this project is that we did it together.  It was fun and will be a great memory for us AND we reused something and made it better.    How cool is that!


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