AUTUMN in California

This is our pear tree in our backyard.

 A NOTE BEFORE READING:  I think I am bragging a tad bit.  I wrote this post just wanting to share some  outdoor beauty from CA.  But after reading it, I am wondering “What are my MN friends and family going to think?”   I think it is like 3 degrees outside or something like that for them as I sit outside typing this without any shoes on.   They are probably thinking “At least we have an AUTUMN.”

I am originally from Minnesota.   Before moving, I would hear people from back home say “You will miss the seasons,” or “I would never give up our Fall.”   So when we moved here, I also thought “So long Fall, it was nice knowing you.”  SURPRISE !  The leaves DO change.   Not all of them, but some.  AND I think they are more beautiful in 70 degree weather. 

Trees on the side of our yard.

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