I absolutely LOVE cereal.  If I was stranded on a deserted island, yes, you guessed it, cereal is what I would request!  I like the healthy kind and the sugar-coated kind – All of them except for some reason, Fruit Loops.  I remember watching Seinfeld and thinking he had a great collection of cereal.  Pretty sure that is not normal!   Anyways, I took these two pics because they totally cracked me up this morning.

My 3 year old calls this cereal "WINDOWS" which totally cracks me up!
My 3 year old kept saying he wanted the “window cereal” and it took me a while to figure it out.  (: 
That is a lot of picking!!!!

I thought this pic showed the dedication AND patience AND endurance AND determination of my 7 yo to eat up all the marshmallows in his Lucky Charms.  (:


3 thoughts on “CEREAL

  1. You are passing on your love of cereal to your kids! I love your post Kinz beacause you just never know what the topic will be!

  2. I had to quit buying Lucky Charms for the exact same reason. My kids don’t even get the cereal out of the box before they start “sorting”. I end up with a box full of the non-marshmallow part of the cereal and germs!

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