I got this bike for my son but it suits Little Miss Spitfire better!

I know one thing when I see a girl in clothes that are all coordinated, matching socks, shoes, AND hair accessory.    I know for an ABSOLUTE fact …….   that girl is NOT my 2nd born!  Ever since child #2 was an itty bitty, she marched to her own drum.  I would tell her to put on a white shirt and she would  come down with a blue shirt with a rainbow on it.  I tried in the beginning to stop the madness and tell her what she should wear.   She wore me down FAST.  Now, I just let her have at it.  I think by letting her figure out her own style and supporting it has made her a more confident kiddo.  She feels good about what she is wearing so why should I have a problem with it?  AND you know what?  I love her style.


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